Wednesday, December 02, 2009

2009 book 247

I feel like we should start a pool to guess how many books I'll end up reading in 2009, with the winner getting cupcakes.

Kent Meyer's Twisted Tree
This book is a prime example of why I wait till the year actually ends to compile my best-of-the-year lists, since it's really good and could well be on my list. Anywya, it's about a small town in South Dakota, and the lives of the people in it, and how they were touched by the murder of one of their own by a serial killer, told in short stories. It paints a really interesting portrait of small-town life, before and after a tragedy. A.


ahartsell said...

If I win, will you ship the cupcakes to Ohio?

wordnerdy said...

Sure, though they may be a little messy by the time they get there. :)