Thursday, April 28, 2005

2005 book 49

michael cunningham's the hours
oh my god, i know, i know. how am i only read this book now for the first time? especially when it's so good! mad props to jodi for prodding me to read it, or i might not have gotten around to it for another few years. anyway, really a brilliant intertwining of three women's stories--virginia woolf, as she begins writing mrs dalloway, laura brown, who is reading it, and clarissa, affectionately nicknamed mrs dalloway, who like her namesake is spending a day getting a party together. i had to wonder if some of the ways these characters connected would have been more prominent had i read mrs dalloway more recently than 8 years ago, but the novel holds up regardless of the reader's knowledge of woolf and her ouvre. cunningham is really a powerful writer, and i imagine all bookish girls would strongly relate to laura especially. now i can finally watch the movie, which came from netflix almost two months ago!

king's 27 april 2005

after class tonight, i went over to raleigh for the show at king's--lud, hotel lights, and the radar bros. there was some improv comedy troupe performing when i got there, who were somewhat entertaining, although perhaps not in the way they meant to be. anyway, i took a bunch of pictures of the bands, minus lud, b/c i forgot i had my camera in my bag during their set--such a shame, b/c they were awesome, and i wanted to get some shots of lee drumming. of course he is in ten thousand other bands so i';ll get another chance (work clothes and fan modine are playing a show in a couple weeks at the revamped space-above-hell, now called the wetlands).

i'dbeen dying to see hotel lights live--i loooove their cd, and of course i looooved ben folds five when i was in college (i hope ross grady doesn't read this, or he will mock me forever for publicly admitting that). darren jessee was the cute one and i am glad to see that my 19-year-old-self's rock star crush was not wasted--wow, they are just as good live as on their cd, way better than ben folds five, and now i am determined to pester ross until he has them on his show.

of course really i was there to see radar bros. sadly, i crapped out halfway through their set and left after hearing papillon, my favorite song from their new cd. i was sorry not to get to tell steve and the guys how awesome they were--of course they still have a place in my heart for their sweet antics during mergefest. :)

anyway, my pictures are all at flickr--they're random and fun, at least to me at 2 am. i should go to bed now, yikes! i'll label them and organize them tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

sarah vowell is so cute

and she's interviewed in salon today--by the death cab guitarist. he's not really a great interviewer but it's cute anyway.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

tuesday night tv

i seriously have to spend the entire hour of veronica mars clutching a pillow. crap. and the preview for next week? holy crap. and i KNEW it was about that! and i was still just like, "oh my god, oh my god!"

two episodes left. i am going to cry when it's not on anymore. luckily i have the past 6 or so on tape and can relive the glory.

as for gilmore girls--meh. both the gilmore girls have been annoying the heck out of me this season--and the whole magical girl rory thing, where even unavailable guys will be her boyfriend, is extra-stupid. is she so perfect and wonderful that no guy will ever break her heart? the show will be extra-boring, if so. (also, do rich people really look down on career women? i think most of the rich kid's moms i knew growing up at least pretended to be busy with things. and why isn't logan's older sister "the heir"?)

especially compared to veronica mars, with all of its intensity and emotional turbulence. it even has the witty writing that gilmore fans love--and they were a week ahead of the oc with the 21 jump street reference.

when veronica mars comes out on dvd, i am forcing you all to watch it! be forewarned!

time to wrap up the ol' homework . . . sigh. i wish i had someone to shriek about veronica mars with! the twop boards will have to wait.

2005 book 48

rachel cusk's the country life
now THAT'S what i'm talkin' about! a fun, dark, page-turner sort of a book! it's about this young woman, stella, who abruptly leaves her life and becomes an au pair to a disabled teenager in the countryside. gradually information about her past comes out as she deals w/ living w/ an eccentric bunch of wealthy brits and their own past conflicts. cusk is a great writer--the book jsut flies by, in the good way, where all of a sudden you look down and realize you've read 100 pages. a lovely book--i'll definitely be looking for more by her. the ending made me smile.

Monday, April 25, 2005

2005 book 47

paula kamen's all in my head
hm. well. this book wasn't exactly what i was expecting--it's being touted as a humorous memoir chronicling the author's quest for treatment for her chronic headache, but it's definitely more of a serious/academic work. chapters dealing w/ kamen's visits to various practitioners are interspersed with sections on feminism and women's health, and studies of attitudes toward headaches in psychology, and so on. also, there are frequent distracting sidebars that seem unnecessary and weirdly-placed. and as long as i'm on the subject of the book's appearance, the text seems sort of small and the margins seemed pretty narrow, so it's not really a friendly-looking book; reading each page seemed like a chore.

i think that had this book been described as a memoir-cum-academic-study of chronic pain, i would have either a) not been frustrated while reading, or b) avoided it altogether. it's not a bad book--but it's not really a fun read, or an engrossing one.

on cookbooks

i just realized that i have eight cookbooks or food-related books on just the first page of my amazon wishlist--i know there are others, scattered throughout the other five. it's kind of silly, since i rarely use cookbooks (except for the occasional crockpot inspiration, or jewish holiday, or whatever), but i do own a lot of them. partially it's that i like to look at the pictures, but mainly it's that i like to imagine that i am the sort of person who would use these cookbooks, to make mouth-watering four-course dinners and insanely gorgeous desserts. but who has that kind of time?

maybe this summer i will make an effort to use my cookbooks to make Real Food, with the added motivation of documenting it via flickr. i like to take pictures of food almost as much as i like eating it, and in theory this summer i will be able to spare an occasional hour to cook. my saag paneer experiment was pretty successful and that took less than an hour--and i even had leftovers!

so anyway. are there any particular cookbooks you guys like (for usefulness, for pretty pictures, or otherwise)? my own cookbooks all fall into one (or more) of three categories: 1) vegetarian, 2) jewish, and 3) dessert/bread.

librarian-related internet thing of the day

a dude from the library of congress weighs in at the straight dope. that guy has an awesome job title--wouldn't it be fun to work for the miscellaneous language division?

Sunday, April 24, 2005


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hamsters 55, 56, 57, and 58 greeted me at the station today, accompanying a birthday present (a very cool-looking book) from my anonymous friend. THANK YOU! if you're even reading this!

news new york jews can use

or any new yorkers, really.

my canadian cousin melissa apparently has a new installation up in new york, at the brofman center at nyu. it's passover themed and got some nice comments from jewschool.

so if you're in new york this week, go check it out.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

2005 book 46

jane mcfann's deathtrap and dinosaur and no time for rabbits
sometimes you just need to give your brain a break from homework and read the books you loved when you were twelve.

unrelated: i successfully made saag paneer today! YUMMMMM.

also, my favorite thing about passover dessert mixes is the gritty icing. sike. why is the icing always gritty?!

breaking ice-cream related news

maple view opened their new location today--right across from weaver street (i meant to take pictures, but forgot my camera battery in the charger). i wonder if their ice cream is passover friendly . . .

Friday, April 22, 2005

gateway to jewish stuff

wow. big ups to dc nahm, who just sent me this amazing link, which honestly i should have discovered before, since they're co-spearheading the ala's jewish literature program (which of course i think is supercool, and hey, why the heck are all of nextbook's library-located program fellows people without library degrees?! GIVE ME A JOB! I AM QUALIFIED!). dc nahm sent me this link b/c of this article on the michael chabon brouhaha (for those who missed it, some dude in the current issue of bookforum wrote an unfavorable article on a speech chabon gives periodically, which features a nazi-pretending-to-be-a-Holocaust-survivor character. the bookforum guy basically was calling chabon a liar, saying he made this guy up--but considering the speech also talks about chabon's interactions w/ golems, i sort of think that's the point. anyway, the article has a great take on it, and chabon's talk is also available at nextbook for the curious).

there's also an article on the vh1 passover special featuring dee snider and the dude from anthrax.

anyway, this link is hitting the sidebar right now. david, you rock.

and on a slightly related note: i jsut rediscovered this book, one of my childhood favorites. i can't believe how many books i've forgotten--books i really loved. it jsut furthers my resolve not to get rid of any of the books i have now!

law and order

my very favorite thing about law and order is how they recycle actors so wantonly. like right now, there's one on about a militia, and the main militia guy also played another main character that i remember--and looking at his imdb entry, i see that he's been on two other episodes as well. i guess they figured that when it was only showing once a week, no one would notice, but it is SO obvious when it's on five times a day, every day (not that i watch it all of those times). like once i saw an early episode where the woman who plays lt. van buren was playing the mother of the murder victim. that's sassy, right there, to take a bit player and make her one of the show's stars as an entirely different character!

my other favorite thing about law and order is when you see people in the early seasons who later became famous--i figured out pretty quickly who was guilty in the episodes featuring laura linney and claire danes.

so here's to you, law and order, for giving actors so much dang work, and giving me a reason to play on the internet to figure out just how into recycling you are.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

2005 book 45

jan lars jensen's nervous system: losing my mind in literature
i have been telling nearly everyone i've run across in the past couple of days about this book, using adjectives like "engrossing" "riveting" and "terrifying." it's a memoir, and the fact that it's true is what makes it so gripping. basically, it's the story of how jensen, when his first novel was going through the publication process, starting to lose his mind, convinced that his book would cause a nuclear war and that the government was going to kill him because of it. his descriptions of his delusions and his time in the psych ward are especially compelling, and his struggles with reading and writing during that period make for some really interesting discussion. this is definitely one to check out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

passover dessert

this recipe looks really similar to the delicious and decadent chocolate-covered matzah that my mom makes. i'm definitely going to try it out! (epicurious has a great passover section, by the way, especially when it comes to desserts.)

my mom also gave me a yummy-sounding recipe for passover chocolate-chip mandel bread, if any hungry jews are curious.

i might try and make a passover saag paneer this year, since i've been wanting to make one anyway, and cheese and spinach are some of my only options when passover rolls around. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

2005 book 44

michael chabon's the mysteries of pittsburgh
feeling a little homesick b/c i can't get home for passover, i picked this up to read, and it didn't disappoint in that regard. i got a little thrill every time some street or restaurant i knew was mentioned--which was often, since it took place near my own neighborhood. of course, the best meditation on pittsburgh is annie dillard's an american childhood, but this wasn't trying to be a reflection on the city, since it's a novel and all. it's a pretty good story--definitely there are hints of chabon's later greatness, although it's very first-novel-ish, with exaggeratedly eccentric characters dealing with coming-of-age/sexuality sorts of things, tied in with jewish gangsters (i never knew there was a jewish mob in pittsburgh).


huge thanks to lisa b., b/c now i have a flickr pro account! expect LOTS more photos! (to see my photos, check the link way down on the sidebar.)

religious mumbo-jumbo

i called my mom to bitch about the lack of passover products in the triangle (on the plus side, spending 1 and a half hours hunting down cake mix--in vain--meant i got to listen to the entirety of disc two of the this american life cd christina is letting me borrow) and she informed me that they were about to announce the new pope. so i just got to watch cardinal something-or-other, all in red, announce that the german dude is the new pope (joseph ratzinger? something like that, he was speaking italian, you know). dang, i was totally rooting for the one from honduras. anyway, in case you didn't know, there's a new pope now, named benedict xvi. congrats, catholics!

Monday, April 18, 2005

2005 book 43

sarah vowell's assassination vacation
i think this may be my favorite sarah vowell book, not only b/c i am a huge history nerd, but b/c it just flows better as a book than her other stuff, which really, really read as collections of essays stuck together. but here, all the stories are connected, the same themes are evident throughout, and so on. although there is some discussion of vrious great assassinated americans, vowell primarily concentrates on lincoln, garfield, and mckinley, though she does meander around--which i like, by the way--through other historical figures and events and throws in plenty of pop culture. my favorite chapter was the one on garfield, which had some great material on the oneida community (best religious sect ever!) and on peter gallagher's eyebrows. also, he was apparently a big book nerd! aww, good ol' garfield. this book is a boon to american history buffs and gives some credence to little-known, mostly-forgotten americans.


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these are the books that will be distracting me through the end of the semester and beyond.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

home from hotlanta

what an amazing weekend! great rides there and back w/ the lovely christina driving (we heard the best this american life ever on the way home, with discussions of the puppy channel and on adam and eve), lots of yummy food, a trailer trash party hosted by debbie (who will be featured on the may 4th episode of good eats, so tune in), and especially lots of quality time w/ christine and charles and christina and adorable dogs.

some photos (w/ explanatory captions) can be found here.

Friday, April 15, 2005

why my dad is awesome

well, one of the reasons:

he decided to treat himself to a present yesterday--honestly, he NEVER gets himself anything, especially not something for fun. anyway, he got himself one of those playstation portables. the best part? when he was describing it to me (i've never seen one), he said, "it's pretty small--about the size of a TI-82." hee! our family did love those graphing calculators--what a great point of reference.


wow. i am so getting this book. talk about something i can relate to! i have a headache ALL THE TIME. mine is sinus-related, but it still makes me tired and IT NEVER GOES AWAY. sometimes i don't even notice it anymore and then i think "hmm, do i have a headache?" and yup, i sure do. sometimes (not that often) it hurts so bad it's all i notice, and then i have to take a bunch of advil and go to sleep. right now at this very moment it's annoying the hell out of me, so i'll take some sudafed and advil and go back to ignoring it for a few hours. but, really, wow! who knew there was a book about that sort of thing? one that actually looks pretty entertaining?

yeah. i'm definitely going to read that book.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

2005 book 42

eiko kadono's kiki's delivery service
i continued my YA kick with the novel that the miyazaki film was based on--although there were some minor differences (the romantic plot was slightly more prominent in the movie), the heart of the story--a young witch leaves home, as all young witches do, to make a living--and all of the sweet and eccentric characters remain the same. the few illustrations are pretty adorable, as well.

some administrative notes:

i am so over the oc. not even julie cooper and summer make the show worth watching anymore. though it is funny that the new character of reed is played by what's-her-face, you know, the girl from wet hot american summer that the michael showalter (from the state) character likes? that's the best camp movie ever, and is way worthier of your attention than the oc is.

also, i will be in atlanta all weekend--look for a post w/ lots of pictures when i get back!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

like a rolling stone

this book is primarily notable for the comic-strip representation of the "like a rolling stone" lyrics on the front end-papers. the expression on the blond girl's face on "now you don't talk so loud/now you don't feel so proud" is priceless. as is the whole bob-dylan-lurking-and-smirking-in-the-background motif.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

pop culture rules

well, mostly just veronica mars. i mean, with the keith and alicia, and the VERONICA AND LOGAN!!!! both of which i knew about, although i swore off spoilers two weeks ago in order to still have some surprises for the four episodes that are left. veronica mars, i love you. LOVE.

fever pitch was mildly entertaining, i guess (was jimmy fallon supposed to seem like such an inconsiderate asshole?). some of the melodramatic speeches were pretty badly written, but i was not the only one to scornfully laugh at them, which was nice. also i was pissed b/c they put an american dad cartoon at the start of the movie--i never thought a show could be more annoying than family guy, but that one looks like it manages (since it's the exact same show, only with a talking fish instead of a talking dog, and a weird alien instead of a weird baby).

luckily, veronica mars has saved my night, pop culture wise. BEST SHOW EVER. when will it be out on dvd so i can watch it every day?! (i love tv shows on dvd! i watched five episodes of harvey birdman today--which of course only took like an hour, so maybe isn't the best example.)

2005 book 41

joanne harris' chocolat
it's always sort of weird to read a book after seeing the movie--all of the characters are already fixed in the mind's eye, and thus it's impossible to envision roux as a redhead after seeing him played by johnny depp. i really found the differences between the book and the movie interesting--the movie merged a bunch of the characters for simplicity's sake, and the ending is fairly different. still, it's a great story with great characters, and lots of yummy-sounding chocolate. hallstrom did an amazing job translating it to the screen and making it even more delectable. which isn't really relevant to the book, but whatever.

Monday, April 11, 2005

2005 book 40

m.e. rabb's missing persons series
after reading a profile of rabb in this month's issue of bookslut, i was totally intrigued, and put some of my birthday amazon gift certificates toward obtaining these books. rabb was inspired by the nancy drew girl detective stories, only was more interested in the characters than in the mysteries they solved. so here there are mysteries, but the focus of the book is on two orphaned sisters who run away, assume new identities, and get involved w/ a local PI to help him find missing persons (hence the title). these books are totally adorable--they're narrated by the younger sister, who loves reading anything from jane austen to cosmo--and i laughed out loud while reading them--a lot (just ask my trivia team--i read the last volume tongiht before trivia started). i read all four books in one sitting, b/c they're not hard reads and they're a ton of fun. rabb does a really good job of writing witty, silly, sweet, and real characters, and i fell in love with all of them. if you need a nice fairly-light read about some teenage girls who occasionally have some drama but mostly get all their problems solved, then let me lend you these, b/c i want to lend them to someone so i can have someone to discuss them with!

news (local) jews can use

the carrboro harris teeter has dr brown's in the passover section--but it's not actually kosher for passover, being full of corn syrup. don't let its placement on the shelf fool you! also, their shelf placement sucks anyway, since all the cookies were on a shelf way out of my reach. harris teeter is biased against short jews.

oh--if you want to make a matzoh lasagna (and i know you do!), barilla pasta sauce is one of the few at teeter that is sans corn syrup, so i guess it counts as kosher, or as kosher as you're gonna find in north carolina.

and has anyone spotted the good cake mixes, with the pudding in them? the kroger in durham had them the first couple of years i lived here, but i haven't been able to find them since. i need my extra-moist passover cakes to get me through the last week of classes!

electric ladyland

here's a sort of interesting new book at the music library. i thought it would be about girl rock-'n'-rollers, and parts of it are, but the second half is all about groupies--including the infamous cynthia plaster caster. it's pretty entertaining to see a scholarly book explain her work:

Cynthia and her assistant du jour would fellate the subject and then plunge his erect penis into a mold filled with dental alginate . . . In addition to being integral to the early history of the groupie subculture, Cynthia's story also integrates the idea of the sexual revolution discussed in Chapter 1.

apparently cynthia was initially attracted to broadway stars--see where the crazy path of the musical leads?!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

2005 book 39

kent haruf's eventide
this sequel to plainsong takes place a couple of years after the first book, and my three favorite characters are back at the forefront, along with some new ones--mostly troubled children, along w/ a social worker. it's a little bit darker than its predecessor, but the gruff-but-kindly old men carry the day once again. i found myself going "AWW!!" out loud a few times (the UGN, or universal girl noise, as coined by saurav). i loved it just as much as plainsong and i selfishly want kent haruf to keep writing about these characters, because they're just all so sweet and lovable and human.

2005 book 38

amanda hesser's cooking for mr. latte
kate recommended this book to me after listening to me rhapsodize about calvin trillin one afternoon--hesser is a food writer for the ny times, and this book is a collection of her essays from the ny times magazine, mainly focusing on her relationship with her husband as viewed through the lens of the kitchen. each chapter ends with some mouthwatering recipes, many of which i marked for the "to try one day" column. the firt half of the book, with unrelated chapters discussing eating out w/ jeffrey steingarten (who also blurbed the book), doesn't flow as well as the second, where hesser concentrates on her cooking experiences w/ family, friends, and her honey. hesser is an entirely personable writer, so each chapter is a delight to read, as well as an inspiration in the kitchen.

Friday, April 08, 2005


cookie monster is changing his tune.

get it???

but seriously--DUDE! don't fuck with cookie monster!
(he is my second favorite, after grover.)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

birthday roundup

well, turning 26 was totally awesome. my birthday started off as all birthdays should--with homebaked cupcakes at midnight courtesy of erin! then i had my usual wednesday on-campus routine, and read a book and took a nap, and hit the liquor store for supplies for friday's party, and talked to a million people on the phone, and had yummy dinner at nightlight w/ christina and forrest and jodi and erin, and jodi and i stayed to see david n. do some awesome acoustic stuff. we left after, b/c she was beat and i was ready to be in pajamas anyway. i was a little bummed to miss david's friend rob perform, and of course erie choir (my favorite erie choir incarnation is the acoustic one), but sometimes it's nice to have a birthday end with a good night's sleep before a 13 hour day on campus followed by the m. ward show. :)

anyway, a series of random pictures (including my presents, and rock star photos of david) from my day can be found here, i hope. as always, let me know if the link doesn't work . . .

2005 book 37

louise erdrich's four souls
here's another erdrich book focusing on the ojibwe tribe featured in most of her earlier books--i'm constantly amazed at the richness and depth of the world she's imagined. this is the story of how fleur pillager tries to get her land back from the white man who bought it, as narrated by old nanapush and by the white man's sister-in-law. it trails off a little bit in the last third, as fleur's story is overtaken by nanapush's and as the sister-in-law's story abruptly ends, but things come back around to fleur for a pretty satisfying finish. i really enjoy erdrich's characterizations, and although this is no crown of columbus or last report on the miracles at little no horse, it's still a good read.

cute little me was born 26 years ago today!  Posted by Hello

expect a full photo-chronicle of my 24 hours of birthday tomorrow night! (picture one will be the cupcakes erin just brought me!)

Monday, April 04, 2005

2005 book 36

kent haruf's plainsong
oh god, this book was so lovely and sweet and just all-around good. it centers on a few different characters in a small colorado town, who of course all have connections to one another. the book is mainly about a teacher and his two young sons, and a pregnant teenager who goes to stay with two gruff but soft-hearted old bachelor brothers--and i swear i'm getting a little weepy again just thinking about them. frequent exclamations of "oh my god, i love them!" and "they're so adorable!" were uttered as i read this--i'm a sucker for gruff but soft-hearted old men characters and these were some of the finest i've ever encountered. this was nominated for the national book award but i think lost to ha jin's waiting. still, it was definitely worth the nomination--it was a very, very pleasing book.

ps, unrelated: i met mr. whig hill today when he stopped by the music library on his way upstairs. my building is definitely the coolest place for research at unc! aw yeah!

ps, marginally related: i was checking the list of national book award winners on amazon to see which book beat out plainsong, and i have to say--they have really picked some lame books for that award in the past few years. compare this list to the list of man booker prize nominees and winners. i'm not sure if this is a matter of my own taste or not, but the booker awards definitely seem to have waaaay more books i've loved--as opposed to books i've hated (from the list of nba awards, i especially disliked the great fire, and although i did love three junes, some of those other choices are pretty mediocre). so there is my commentary of the day. i am not trying to say british-affiliated authors are better, just that the nba selection committee sucks eggs.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

2005 book 35

a.s. byatt's little black book of stories
i haven't been at all in a short story mood lately, but that's all i have in my to-read pile right now, so i find myself picking up a book, reading one story, and putting it back down again. i just finished off this volume--a couple of the stories had been in the new yorker, but some of the new ones were pretty good (especially "body art" and "the pink ribbon"). they're all sort of dark and a little bit unpleasant, which i guess is one of byatt's specialties (you know, besides writing articles about why harry potter isn't worth reading).

informational: how to open a jar

i am not very good at opening jars--the part we left out of the hamentaschen saga was where we couldn't get the apricot preserves open, and actually drove over to alana and mark's to get mark to open it (i forgot my camera, hence the lack of documentation).


you have just woken up from a two-hour nap. groggy, but hungry, you decide veggies with peanut sauce is an easy enough meal to make (barring any kitchen fires or melting of bowls, both common enough occurrences in the a. korenman kitchen). but! the jar of peanut butter is new! and will not open!

try banging it on the counter. no good?
try running it under hot water. no good?

twist and twist uselessly for another few minutes. start panicking--the veggies will be done any minute! what on earth can you put on them if the jar won't open?!

finally, in frustation, scream, "just fucking open!" and hurl the jar onto the kitchen floor.*

voila! the lid pops right off. if you are lucky like me, it won't even make a mess. problem solved, dinner crisis averted. celebrate with a nice dinner and maybe a banana milkshake for dessert.

*only try this with plastic jars.

audubon park show

see, here's one of these weird times--do i post this here or in the audubon park blog? both? whatever. i went to see audubon park at the duke coffeehouse tongiht--eyes to space opened, and they were pretty awesome, and not just for the novelty of the keytar. their rock even collapsed the audubon park merch display!

anyway, i took a bunch of pictures--of course i am a very silly photographer, preferring the no-flash blurry-rock-star lit-in-blue playing-with-the-night-scene-setting sorts of photos--but no worries, i saw jenn h. there and she is an excellent photographer, so i'm sure you guys will be able to find some exciting band photos somewhere or other. (mine are here, in theory. let me know if the link doesn't work.)

i also took photos of the new graffiti in the coffeehouse bathroom, but i'll upload that later. (ps. matt--photos from the wxdu benefit last fall are here. i only got a few of hotel motel before my battery died, though.)

also included are some photos of the new audubon park EP, which is cunningly housed in old vinyl cases, with the cd cunningly attached to the enclosed lp. i chose a dan fogelburg record, b/c he is sort of a guilty pleasure. SHUT UP. i don't have to justify my guilty pleasures to you. weirdly, itunes thinks the ep is by some country band called "the woodys"--but i have just listened to it, and it's definitely audubon park. plus, it references bunnies in the title ("the bunny is not as popular as julius"), and i just love bunnies.

i left before jett rink b/c i was tired, but i heard they played a bunch of new stuff, and i imagine viva was entertaining as always.

Friday, April 01, 2005

music library book of the week

wow, this book is pretty awesome. highlights for me were sections on mia zapata, jenny toomey, sleater-kinney, peaches, the butchies, and erase errata, but pretty much every awesome chick from the 70s on up is in here. definitely one to check out (get it? get it??).