Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 book 73

Catherine Fisher's Incarceron
A young man in a prison that's a whole world (the titular Incarceron) is convinced he was born outside and longs for an escape, even though he's not sure outside even exists. Thanks to a special key, he makes contact with a young girl, the warden's daughter, who is betrothed to the Queen's son and feels a pawn in her own life. This was first published in England in 2007 and just came out here in January--it's kind of Hunger Games-y so I can see there being a market for it. The end is only moderately satisfying, but that's b/c there's a sequel coming out in December (surprisingly, this series doesn't seem to be a trilogy). Anyway, it's an entertaining enough story but I have a cold and am not up to thinking about it in any kind of real way right now. B.

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