Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 book 265

Kate Morton's The Distant Hours
I absolutely loved Morton's two previous novels--she does these great things with uncovering old secrets of the past--and have been eagerly awaiting her latest. The action starts when Edie's mother receives a letter lost since 1941 and breaks down in tears. This leads Edie to an old castle with three elderly sisters--the younger one wrote the letter 50 years ago--as we try and piece together what happened on a fateful night during WWII. Unfortunately, this novel moves at a snail's pace. Things pick up slightly during the second half--I especially liked the explorations of how one's dreams can fall beside the wayside--but the mysteries and their resolutions didn't match Morton's earlier works, and the protagonist is alarmingly and annoyingly stupid at times. B/B-.

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