Sunday, February 01, 2015

2015 book 32

Elizabeth Essex's Almost a Scandal
This was a pretty a'ight historical romance wherein our heroine, a girl from a navy family with a whole mess of brothers, takes her youngest brother's place on a ship b/c he's run away to be a churchman and she wants to preserve the family honor. And, let's be real, she totally wants to go to sea. (Even though it's WARTIME.) Her love interest is a friend of her brothers', the first lieutenant on the ship, who pretty quickly realizes who she is, but lets her stay because she's super competent and they need all the good men they can get, even the ones who are actually women. Things moved a little bit slower than I might have liked (plot-wise, not romance-wise), but there are some pretty good battle scenes. I don't know, I was super into this girl but the romance felt kind of rote. B/B+.

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