Friday, January 08, 2016

2016 book 5

Charlie N. Holmberg's The Glass Magician
One of my number one pet peeves in YA lit is when kids run off to do something dangerous when adults are RIGHT THERE, waiting to help them. It turns out I also hate that when it's adults who are untrained magicians. In the first book, circumstances worked so that it all made sense; in this one, the protagonist is just dumb. On the other hand, my main complaint about the first one was that the relationship (teacher/apprentice and otherwise) between the two main characters needed more build-up, and we do get some of that here, plus she gets properly yelled at for being dumb. Thumbs-up! But it kind of has a majorly bummer ending, thumbs-down. I'm not sure if I care enough to read the third one--have any of you read this series? Is it worth finishing? B.

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