Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2016 book 152

Patrice Kindl's Don't You Trust Me?
I'm partway into like three different books right now, but all were (metaphorically) tossed aside when I got the email that this one was available (thank goodness for pre-orders!). NEW PATRICE KINDL!!! Yeah! Suck it, other books. At first I was just generally bummed this wasn't the third book in her Keeping the Castle series (hilarious Austen-ish antics), but even though it is the polar opposite--it's about a teenage sociopath who assumes another girl's identity--it's still pretty great.  I really love how all of Kindl's books are so different from one another. This one is hilarious and TERRIBLE (in the sense of someone going "you are TERRIBLE!"). Well, and also it's about a terrible person. I liked it anyway. B+.

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