Friday, December 09, 2016

2016 book 195

L.M. Montgomery's The Blue Castle
Nicole Cliffe was tweeting about this book a couple months ago, so of course I immediately wanted to reread it--it's one of my childhood favorites--but Christina suggested we read it in our book club, so I held off. I am interested to see how our book club likes it--three of us are like serious stans for it, and the others are totally unfamiliar. One friend actually texted me recently to say "Valancy is a major downer, I am 20 percent in, should I keep going?" and I was like . . . yeah . . . but on this reread I see that Valancy doesn't get more awesome till right after that! So I hope she read on. Anyway, I have read this many many times and still love it--though I always wonder what made Valancy the L.M. Montgomery character I related to most, even when I was a kid. Like . . . hm. But anyway, I love this story and I love the little funny bits. It makes me want to go hang out in the woods in Canada and look at nature. Valancy 4-eva!

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