Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2006 book 84

julianna baggott's the miss america family
another fun read from baggott, this book focuses on a fairly dysfunctional family, and is narrated alternately by the webbed-toed teenage son, ezra, and his mother, a former miss new jersey. i liked this a lot--it was the perfect book to read out on the deck on the 4th of july. maybe i should check out that book she co-wrote with steve almond, after all.


i'm jenny said...

i'm so glad that you read this. the part i still remember is when she calls the school to tell her son that she forgot to take the red stuff off of his bologna.

i'm reading her third book right now, the madam, and it doesn't really have the same darkly funny tone as the first two. but we'll see.

wordnerdy said...

that one was checked out when i was exploring the library shelves--let me know if it's worth tracking down!

pinky pinkerson said...

the co-written book was all right. not so great and it sort of became annoying at the end. I thought it was worth reading but definitely less than four stars.

wordnerdy said...

thanks for letting me know . . . i actually am not always a steve almond fan and was avoiding it on that regard. guess i'll wait till it makes the library here (whcih i suppose it will, as baggott is faculty).