Monday, April 28, 2008

2008 book 58

Marianne Wiggins' The Shadow Catcher
What is wrong with me that I dislike these books that are on like everyone's best of the year list? I checked this out of the library three times before finally reading it, and I only read it this time b/c it was in my car on the way to be returned unread, again, but I had a long wait at the dr's office and nothing better to do. Anyway, it's the story of an author named Marianne Wiggins who likes to talk in random CAPITAL LETTERS for no REASON at all, and her story is interspersed with the story of the photographer Edward Curtis, who the fictional Wiggins has written a book about (titled, of course, Shadow Catcher). Anyway, I didn't find either half of the story that compelling--I was interested in Curtis' wife, but after the first section she receives short shrift. Anyway, I didn't like it at all. C.

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