Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2008 book 59

Terry Prachett's Witches Abroad
I've been meaning to read (I accidentally just typed "reading to mean" btw) Prachett's books for ages, since I loved Good Omens, but I never knew where to start, as he's written like 1200!! This is part of the Discworld series, but it certainly didn't need to be read in sequence or anything--I didn't feel like I was missing anything. Anyway, it's the story of three witches who are trying to stop a servant girl from marrying a prince--and have many hilarious adventures on the way. I cracked a grin at least once a chapter. So which Pratchett books should I read next? Are there any others that turn fairy tales on their heads? A.


k8 said...

I liked the Mort/Death books quite a lot. There's three, i believe, and as long as you read them in order they stand alone - er, alone as a series - know what i mean - just fine. I've not read other Pratchett besides Good Omens, and i had no problems.

Anonymous said...

My favourite is "Guards, Guards!"

Back in the start of the series.

But pretty much anything is good.

Feet of Clay is also awesome. It's about Golems trying to make the next generation for themselves.