Friday, August 21, 2009

link roundup

Scott Pilgrim . . . at the library!

Comics 101 takes on one of my all-time favorite comics, Love and Rockets. I totally agree with that dude's assessment of where to start reading the series.

Venture Bros. Season 4 preview!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone loves Ugly Dolls. Even my mom!

Heartwarming artificial elephant leg story.

What do we think of this list of must-read classic children's books? I personally think it's a pretty good list.


pinky pinkerson said...

aw, that uglydoll story is so sweet!

wordnerdy said...

Yeah--and the LA Times story got picked up nationally, so we've had a lot of people coming in (and even my mom wants one!). I also think it's awesome that they only let independent stores sell them, when they could easily sell out to the big chains.