Monday, August 17, 2009


Some friends and I went to go see Ponyo tonight, and it was SO CUTE!!!!! Seriously. So cute. It was definitely on the very light side of Miyazaki (despite some heavy-handed environmentalism and a kind of weird ending) and we giggled throughout. Also, there were some great previews--I cried AGAIN at the Where the Wild Things Are trailer (even though it was an extended version and not the bleaker one I'd seen before) and we all laughed hysterically at the Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer (that's my favorite Dahl book and I think I'm gonna go reread it right now).

For now, here's the Japanese version of the Ponyo end theme--the American version is surprisingly similar, and I urge you to stay in the theater until the terrible remix version kicks in. We also laughed hysterically all through that.

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