Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 book 122

Patricia Wrede's Thirteenth Child
Wrede, the co-author of that historical fantasy series I liked, is back with more historical fantasy, only this book (the first of a planned trilogy) is set in an alternate America where magic exists and where Lewis and Clark never returned from their expedition due to the great many dangers of the West. Our protagonist is the 13th child in her family and is greatly believed to be unlucky; her twin is the seventh son of a seventh son and is supposed to have tons of magical ability. When their father takes a magical teaching position at a school out west, they encounter all sorts of magic and danger and whatnot. Anyway, I liked the family relationships here a lot--the parents are particularly awesome--and found the protagonist to be particularly compelling, especially her interest in animals and nature. Looking forward to the next one. A-.

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