Sunday, March 04, 2012

2012 book 65

Maria V. Snyder's Touch of Power
I read and mostly enjoyed Snyder's Study trilogy, but wasn't too interested in the last couple of series she put out--but I may have to rectify that, b/c with this one she has stepped up her game like crazy (plus she's a fellow Penn Stater and I should support her). It's a great start to an epic fantasy, where lots of people have died from a plague and blamed the healers for it, and now one of the last healers is living life on the run so she's not executed like her colleagues. Except that she's just been sort of kidnapped to heal a prince she hates, and now finds herself caught up in the crazy politics (and I do mean crazy) of this fascinating world. And the best part is that the romance is slow-burning and thus not a focus at all. I liked this a lot. A/A-.

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