Monday, March 19, 2012

202 book 83

Tim Powers' Hide Me Among the Graves
I have to say, this book really would have been good if it was like a third shorter--instead, it's super repetitive and completely drags. It starts off interestingly enough, in a Victorian England plagued by ghosts and vampires (not the romantic kind of vampires, either), where the young poet Christina Rossetti is tangled up in something supernatural (I've always liked reading about her since that one Ellen Raskin book). And where a veterinarian is informed by a woman he knew seven years ago that they had a child, and she's tangled up in something supernatural as well. And these supernatural things are related and they must join forces! And every seven years they try and defeat some vampires and fail! It's a little ridiculous at a certain point, I don't know why the editor didn't pare things down at least a little. And I especially don't know why I bothered to finish this. C-.

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