Friday, October 05, 2012

2012 book 277

Molly Ringwald's When It Happens To You
Yes, THAT Molly Ringwald. She wrote a novel (in stories) and it's actually pretty good. The writing is mostly consistently fine (the story in 2nd person grated a little, and her depiction of 6-year-old Charlotte is a little weird), and some of her characters really shine. At the center of these stories are a couple separating after an infidelity, and I was into some of the parts about them way less than others, but fell in love with the story about the woman with a transgender child, and enjoyed the hints at a life lived beyond the pages. I was less enthused about the plotline involving the protagonist's husband trying to win her back--never get back with a cheater, fictional ladies, I don't care how much history you have. Anyway. Surprisingly solid. B+.

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