Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 book 297

Justin Cronin's The Twelve
The sequel to The Passage is a slow starter--and not just because of the LENGTHY recap of the first book that's all bible-style, which was clever in a way, but awful in another way. But it picks up eventually and moves right along, with a good mix of characters from the last book, new characters, all sorts of interrelationships between the two, etc. I was not thrilled about the whole concentration-camp/feeding-camp-for-vampires analogue, and I was REALLY not thrilled about how much rape there was. Honestly, it started to feel a little lazy at a certain point. Oh, let's show how terrible this camp is with the rapey guards, and let's bring our otherwise "strong women characters" down a notch and also let's dwell on how one of the evil vampires was super into raping ladies. Echhhhhh. I mean, this book was fine or whatever, that just bugged me. Other stuff happens too, lots of excitement and action scenes. And magical vampire girl Amy goes through puberty! B.

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