Friday, November 29, 2013

2013 book 303

Louise Penny's A Fatal Grace
The second book in the Inspector Gamache series is even better than the first (despite the presence of the annoying rookie from the last book, who does not work for me as a character at all). I really like the small town of Three Pines and its motley assortment of denizens, as well as Gamache and his team. There's just a palpable feeling of niceness about most of it--I mean, besides the murder of an aspiring lifestyle guru. But she's awful, so it's ok? There's also an interesting through-line about faith that I found really compelling. Maybe there are a few too many coincidences, and an apparently ongoing police power struggle is introduced here and left unresolved, but that just makes me more eager to read the next one! A-.


Lisa RB said...

I'm thinking of reading How the Light Gets In. I haven't read any Louise Penny, but the Leonard Cohen lyric caught my attention. Do you think I should start with the first?

Alicia K. said...

I think you're ok starting with this one, though there are references to the first book--but I think the characters are fleshed out enough that this works on its own.