Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 book 248

Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Heroes Are My Weakness
I was in the mood to read something lighter, and this has gotten some pretty solid reviews, so I figured I'd branch out from my usual reading selections and check out something more on the romance/chick lit side. I will say that parts of it are a bit overwritten--I don't need to be reminded so many times that our protagonist was a shy, awkward child, or told multiple times who people are when I was /just/ told who they are a couple pages before, or read about Native Americans with their "carved cheekbones" (when did that trope start?). But that was all pretty minor, and the story itself is entertaining--it centers on a failed actress turned ventriloquist (that is so random and is entirely the reason I chose to read this) who returns to her late mother's Maine cottage to try and find a valuable item, and meanwhile the hunky dude next door she knew as a teenager (he was her stepbrother, but let's not dwell on that) is back, and he's still a huge jerk--OR IS HE???? Yeah, he kind of is, mainly b/c there's a bit of a Gothic/mystery element here. But it's ok, this book is still really funny (the puppet stuff is especially entertaining) and the romance is slow burning enough to be believable. Definitely entertaining stuff. B+.

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