Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 book 180

Erin Gough's The Flywheel
I think I find overly neat YA romance-type books more tolerable when they're about lesbians, b/c it's just so RARE! The main character here is a teenage lesbian enamored of the girl who flamenco dances at the tapas place across the street from her father's cafe. There's also some drama, as her father is on an extended vacation (????? What kind of single parent of a teenager/small business owner goes on a months-long trek across Mongolia??????) and things are falling apart at the cafe, so she drops out of school to take care of things, AND she's having some friend issues (this was super realistic), etc. Then, like I said, things wrap up overly neatly. But that's fine. It's a good exploration of gay teens figuring out their deal, coming out at their own pace, etc. B/B+.

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