Monday, February 08, 2016

2016 book 25

Mary Balogh's Lady with a Black Umbrella
A few of Balogh's out of print books have been reissued as e-books this week, and this one looked like it might be delightfully silly. And it WAS. There's a rich dude, and he's robbed and getting beat up by hooligans, when he is rescued by a tiny woman with a large umbrella! Who then pays all his debts! Which is humiliating for him, and he dislikes her, but they're thrown together b/c she wants help in introducing her younger sister around for the Season. It is honestly really funny in general--it's an older book, so there are a few off notes (a villain threatening rape, the hero jokingly threatening to beat the heroine, etc), but on the whole everyone in this book is likable and nice and it's a pleasant read. Seriously, I loved this heroine so much, she was all about rescuing gentleman, puppies, and prostitute--and nothing was gonna stand in her way. Heh. B+.

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