Sunday, April 22, 2018

2018 book 67

Margery Sharp's The Nutmeg Tree
My usual review will be prefaced with a bit of a story; bear with me. I recently read this NYT essay about Sharp, and remembered that this book had been on my to-read list at some point, and then a bunch of Sharp's books went on e-book sale and I bought this (and several others). As soon as I started reading, I recognized the humorous scene opening scene and was puzzled—when had I read this and why hadn’t I finished it? And then, this:

So then I remembered why I stopped last time. But that essay was fresh in my mind and I really did want to read something light and a bit silly—which this, a story about a flighty sort of woman whose daughter summons her to help convince her grandmother to let her get married, and hijinks ensue—was. I mean, aside from some weird comments about Armenians, and a rather abrupt ending. How do I grade a book that is charming except for some casual bigotry? B?

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