Thursday, June 09, 2005

2005 book 64

isabel allende's zorro
this epic sort of story was perfect airport (and later, staying-up-to-finish) reading. there's plenty of swashbuckling for justice, really interesting characters, and even a little romance (in fact, some scenes were reminiscent of that pirate-related romance novel i read for class, only much less dirty [in fact the language was a little overblown on more than one occasion, which can be blamed on its epic nature, or perhaps on the translator]). there's plenty of european history thrown in for the history buffs, and honestly plenty to enjoy for anyone who'd read this. i enjoyed it immensely, although i was very curious about their further adventures. anyway, definitely recommended for summer!

by the way, the senior olympic games are currently going on in pittsburgh, leading to awesome headlines about 103-year-old men who bowl a 120. this article on the badminton players was also pretty great.

less great: being woken up by my parents' greyhounds at 8 am, one of whom came into my bedroom barking and whining. i jumped up, thinking something was wrong, but it turned out they just wanted to go outside and bark at some joggers. the little cat was much more understanding--as soon as i turned over she clamored to be petted, but when i fell back to sleep she just curled up next to me again. of course, the price of letting the cat sleep in my bed is waking up with itchy eyes and a stuffy nose (i'm allergic to cats), but i guess it was worth it.

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