Friday, May 22, 2009

fun new comics

For someone who works in a comic book store, I really don't post enough stuff about comic books! So here's info on a few new things that are awesome.

The first issue of Unwritten is out (and only a dollar)--it's a strong start to a series I'm definitely looking forward to, with lots of magic and stories-about-stories and literary references (I think Sandman fans will like this a lot--it's also described as "Vertigo does Harry Potter" which I suppose is accurate enough).

Another comic chock full of literary references is League of Extraordinary Gentleman, the new series of which just started. It still stars Mina Murray (from Dracula) but this time adds Virginia Woolf's Orlando into the mix (along with a bunch of British characters who sing rewritten song lyrics to songs I would know if I were British). Anyway, Alan Moore's stuff is always worth reading and LOEG is easily my favorite of his series.

For a bit of a change of pace, there's Incognito, about a supervillain in witness protection. I totally love this series--and I rarely read anything involving superpowers. The narrative is great, though, and I'm really into it.

Finally, I just started reading Pluto, an adaptation of an Astro Boy story. Now, I have a weird aversion to all of Tezuka's stuff (it tends to be grisly, and Apollo's Song turned me off forever), but this is really an entirely different take. The art is great, and you really can't go wrong with a murder mystery involving robots. The third volume just came out and I bet it's awesome!


ahartsell said...

I read the first issue of Unwritten. I thought it was pretty cool. Our pusher sent it to us for free.

wordnerdy said...

Yeah, I'm really excited to see where it goes next.