Friday, May 08, 2009

some stuff i've shared

Jodi Picoult attacks "poorly written" Da Vinci Code. I LOVE when authors get really mad that other authors outsell them. And frankly, Picoult has no room to talk. The last chapter of My Sister's Keeper is easily the worst thing I've ever read. I still get angry when I think about it. Yes, actually angry.

This Epicurious app for the iPhone/iTouch actually makes me want one! Seriously, that website has so many great recipes--everything from Gourmet and Bon Appetit from the most recent issues to like years back, plus other mags and cookbooks. It'd be so cool to be in the supermarket and have the recipe and the ingredients right in your purse! I mean, you can just write them down like I do, but eh, holding a pen is hard.

And speaking of recipes, here are Sara Foster's favorite cookbooks. Mmmm, Foster's Market.

And yay, Love is a Four-Letter Word is getting raves! It's so exciting to know the editor and a contributor--you guys are gonna be famous!!


ahartsell said...

I'm still angry about that ending too.

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