Friday, October 23, 2009

2009 book 220

Lizzie Skurnick's Shelf Discovery
Skurnick's book--a collection of her Fine Lines columns from Jezebel (with a few introductory essays, as things are organized by rough themes) celebrating the awesomely crazy YA lit of the 70s and 80s--made me want to reread all these hilarious classics (dangerous while using a Kindle). I did have a few problems, but they were primarily editorial--lots of typos/sentences missing key words in the first half; not all essays had the contributor's name (not all are by Skurnick) and I hated flipping back to the table of contents every time there was a textual clue that someone else was doing the writing.

Anyway. This is a must-read if you grew up in the 80s and were a reader--or you could just find the essays online, as they're not much different.

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