Thursday, October 29, 2009

shelf discovery challenge!

Reading Shelf Discovery (scroll down a bit for comments) made me want to reread some of my favorite YA books, so imagine my glee at discovering that some intrepid blogger has instituted the Shelf Discovery Challenge, where you pick 6 books covered in SD and (re)read them!!

Here are my 6 (this list is tentative, based on books I believe are still in my childhood bedroom that can be reclaimed over Thanksgiving):

-Stranger with my Face--I loved this book and it creeped me out!
-Homecoming--I believe I read this for school, but then I read all the others in the series. Maybe I liked being depressed, or knowing about survival tactics?
-A Little Princess--I genuinely like this book and think I reread it fairly recently, maybe? Should that count?
-Cat Ate my Gymsuit--was it a cop-out that she gets skinny and thus merits a boyfriend in the sequel?
-Mixed-up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler--this is the book I most wanted to reread immediately after finished SD, but it's not available on the Kindle. :)
-My Sweet Audrina--I read my first VC Andrews at summer camp--isn't that always the way?

I probably will also reread the Westing Game, b/c it's one of my all-time favorite books, and doesn't need to be reclaimed since I proudly have it on my bookshelf here! Same for A Wrinkle in Time. Those don't really count as nostalgia fests since I consider them abiding excellent literature.

Anyway . . . who else wants to read awesome (and awesomely bad) YA books with me?


Christina said...

Do you have this book? The Library doesn't have it and I'm dying! I would love to read YA books with you!

wordnerdy said...

I got it for my Kindle since the library doesn't have it (even though I've requested it twice). Suddenly the share feature on the Barnes/Noble e-book reader makes total sense. Damn.

Christina said...

I requested it, too! You'd think they would recognize our names by now!

wordnerdy said...

Oh, they DEFINITELY know my name! I request way too many books like the day they're released and then check obsessively to see if they're available yet, so I get the emails like "As always, thanks for requesting this item, it is now available" followed by "Oh wait, you have it on hold already". haha.

Seriously, I have no idea why they won't get it. It got a fair amount of media attention and good reviews. I mean, it has a ridiculous number of typos, but it's a great read! *shakes fist at Durham County*

Christina said...

Worth buying?

wordnerdy said...

I think so--I know I'll refer back to it to re-remember YA books I want to read and see what she said about them. :)