Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NYT graphic novel gift guide

The New York Times nailed its '09 holiday graphic novel gift guide. Of course there are more titles I'd add--my big graphic novel post is coming, I swear!--but pretty much every book on this list rocks. (And though they mentioned Stitches in the intro, they didn't include it on the actual list, for which I am supremely grateful. Seriously, that book was not good.)


js said...

thanks for the link. a new year's resolution from a couple of years back is too read more comics, so i'll use this (and your list) as a basis.

wordnerdy said...


From their list, I'd start with Fables, Wizard of Oz, Criminal, and maybe Walking Dead (very popular series and I like the author's other stuff, but zombies are not really my thing). I think I'll have a bunch you'd like too.