Monday, December 09, 2013

2013 book 312

Louise Penny's The Brutal Telling
I just don't understand how the same six people in the same tiny town keep getting caught up in all these murders! Is Penny that enamored of her Three Pines characters that she can't have a mystery that doesn't involve them? It makes no sense, especially when she'd still have all of her police characters (and their families) to draw from. I keep wondering if the latest one will have a twist where like the Morrows and their friends were secretly the killers all along, and framed everyone else! And Peter Morrow has become such a jerkwad that honestly it wouldn't surprise me in the least. The thing is, this book is still /good/. OK, I thought the solution/motive to the murder was less than good, but the writing is solid, it's all pretty riveting, and I loved all of the stuff about art. If I'd read this on its own, and not part of this series, it would have been great! But you can't judge a series book that way. Like . . . enough already with Three Pines. B.

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