Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 book 321

Louise Penny's Bury Your Dead
I have been enjoying this series less and less as it goes on, and this one didn't really change that. At least this one doesn't have a new dead body in Three Pines; instead, Gamache is investigating a murder (and dealing with separatist politics and Quebecois history) in Quebec while recovering from an incident that is revealed slowly (and painfully), while Beauvoir is back in Three Pines looking into the murder from the last book. And since that case did seem sort of shoddy--Clara points out something here that the police should have looked into much more--I guess it's warranted, even though I am WAY OVER this one small town and all its murders. And I didn't like the resolution of that one any more than I did in the last book. There is a lot going on emotionally and some interesting stuff with PTSD--really, everything except the Three Pines stuff is pretty solid. On an unrelated note, I also wish this had had one more pass with a proofreader, because there are a lot of small typos and missing commas. B.

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