Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 book 331

Alex Bledsoe's The Hum and the Shiver
I liked that Eddie LaCrosse book pretty well when I read it recently, so decided to check out another series of Bledsoe's, one with a woman main character--at least, according to the book description on Amazon. Actually, there are three POV characters, and the other two are men (one of whom is a hot young minister who has an immediate sexual connection w/ the woman POV character, and I was just like . . . yeah, a guy wrote this). And I was thoroughly uninterested in the reporter trying to get a story on the girl, at least until about 200 pages in. Bledsoe's tale is well-plotted, and the world-building is really interesting, but I just found some things kind of tone-deaf (describing an Asian character as having "slanted eyes" is racist, right?). I mean, having the minister sexually objectifying women on one page and then judging them for sexual activity on the next . . . maybe it's accurate, but I found it off-putting, especially when he's the love interest and supposed to be a super good guy. This book was fine, but reminded me why I usually read books written by women instead. (Insert ironic Tumblr tag "misandry" here.) B.

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