Sunday, June 08, 2014

2014 book 127

Brittani Sonnenberg's Home Leave
This is one of those books where the official description doesn't at all match what I'm seeing, and I wonder if whoever wrote it ever even read it. I mean, I honestly wasn't sure I was reading the correct book at first (the first chapter is narrated by a house, which has a surprisingly engaging narrative voice). I actually enjoyed it much more than I was expecting based on that description, though! I would say that it's really a book about a semi-dysfunctional family and how they cope with a loss, and it's also about sisterhood, family, and what it means to be home. (It's about a family of expats, more or less.) Several of the chapters feel like short stories sort of shoehorned into a novel, and the last section didn't really work for me (it felt too pat) but on the whole, I liked this quite a bit, particularly the sections from Leah's perspective. B+.

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