Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014 book 137

Corrine Cuyvis' Otherbound
Really, really strong YA fantasy debut wherein a teenage boy, whenever he closes his eyes (including blinks!), suddenly can see through the eyes/mind of a girl in another world--a mute girl, serving a cursed princess on the run, and subject to astonishing brutality. There's some great stuff with his home life--everyone thinks he's having microseizures whenever he goes to the other world--particularly with his parents and sister. And the OTHER world is really well-done too--there's almost a mystery element, with both protagonists trying to figure out how they're connected, especially once he realizes he can take over her body (the weirdness/creepiness of this is acknowledged). AND there is a TON of diversity here, in terms of race, sexuality, and people with disabilities. I feel like this is like a model book of what YA lit should be--AND it's well-written! And action-packed. And a stand-alone! High fives all around, and an A.

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