Saturday, November 22, 2014

2014 book 281

Alina Bronsky's Just Call Me Superhero
Bronsky is one of those authors I have always meant to read, and her latest seemed interesting enough--it's about a teenage boy in Berlin whose face was savaged by a rottweiler, and now his mother is forcing him to go to a support group for "cripples" (I'm not sure if this a European thing or a narrated-by-a-teenage-boy thing, but there's a lot of ableist/homophobic language here). Naturally the group is all boys and one amazingly pretty girl that they all sort of fight over (except for the gay guy, who I wish we'd seen more of). Then a family tragedy calls him away from the group. Then there's a VERY weird reveal at the end that I really needed a lot more information about. I feel very puzzled about this book. B?

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