Monday, November 24, 2014

2014 book 283

Lydia Millet's Mermaids in Paradise
And here's a late contender for the Alicia's-favorite-books-of-the-year list! This book was AWESOME. It starts off just fine, as a matter-of-fact sort of woman narrates the events leading up to her wedding/honeymoon, all perfectly normal and practical--at least until her husband befriends a marine biologist, and the two of them discover a bunch of MERMAIDS. Say whaaaaat. And then . . . the marine biologist is found DROWNED IN HER BATHTUB! And their video footage disappears! But the thing is, it's all kind of . . . hilarious? Like farcical, almost? But also, wonderful. I was kind of like "huhhhh" about the very end but in general loved this. A.

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