Wednesday, June 08, 2016

2016 book 104

Dorothy Gilman's The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax
Another charming old book as a Kindle Daily Deal! This is the start of a series that I have to think is at least a little bit hilarious--in this one, the protagonist, the titular Mrs. Pollifax, a widow in her 60s, decides she's bored of being a respectable member of the Garden Club and jaunts off to DC to ask to become a spy. AND THEY'RE ALL, SURE! We totally need someone to go be a tourist in Mexico and pick up a package! Off ya go! Things quickly go awry, but Mrs. Pollifax is pretty effing great--I mean, you never see a character like this. I want to see like Helen Mirren play her (except that Mrs. Pollifax is from New Jersey). This was written in the 60s and the CIA here is very concerned about "Red China," so there is a little bit of racism, to forewarn you all. I definitely am going to read more of these. Heh. A-.

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