Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 book 106

Dorothy Gilman's The Amazing Mrs Pollifax
The second book in Gilman's Mrs Pollifax series is even awesomer than the first one. I can't believe an author in the 1960s wrote a whole series about a New Jersey grandma GETTING S--T DONE!!! In this one, Mrs. Pollifax's CIA contact rushes her off to Istanbul to try and meet with a defecting spy--who is also a middle-aged lady! (There are so many awesome older ladies in this book, it just made me super happy.) This one also has surprisingly little 1960s racism (though the depiction of the Roma is slightly romanticized). I mean, Mrs Pollifax is a TERRIBLE spy, but she is so funny and resourceful that she makes it work. I love it! A/A-.

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