Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 book 109

Loretta Chase's Silk is for Seduction
My friend Erin read this recently, and based on her review, it should have been right up my alley--it centers on the oldest of three sisters from a good family who are now super classy dressmakers trying to get more noblewomen to come to their shop, so she's determined to get some Duke's attention so his future wife will shop there (which in my opinion is a very silly plan). I think I wanted this to have a little more plot and a little less lusty thoughts--they are just ogling each other from the moment they meet, so there isn't any buildup, and most of the story is about them having makeouts and falling for each other. I loved the three sisters and their relationship, though, and also really liked the girl the Duke is expected to marry (I didn't really like the Duke, who is the sort of domineering type that's meant to be romantic, and in fact kind of wished the two ladies would run off together). The writing was also a little more overwrought than I usually like. I mean, it's a super cute story, I just wanted a little bit more. B.

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