Monday, November 29, 2004

wxdu benefit redux

hey, i made an album of photos from the wxdu benefit show. my camera battery died early into hotel motel's set, hence fewer photos of them. i think some of the ones i got of torch marauder are pretty awesome though. and i like the erie choir ones a lot. also, there are some entertaining shots of people--mainly nathan b., since i spent the night working the merch table with him, but also jeffy h. and dave b.

i know they all look dark and stuff, and they're way better all big on my computer, but click on them and try to fully experience the joys of no-flash rock-show photos!


Lisa B. said...

I tried to post this comment yesterday but Blogger was having it's toenails clipped or something and wouldn't let me ...

Anywho, what I wanted to say was that if your camera has a "fill flash" setting, try using that for taking pictures in low light (like a band, for example). You get a bit more light, but not so much that you get those awful shadows, but it's still low enough that you can get some cool motion blur effects. It's really nifty!

wordnerdy said...

ooh, i do have a mysterious flash setting and have no idea what it does--i'll check the manual tonight. thanks for the tip!