Sunday, February 20, 2005

2005 book 17

connie mason's the pirate prince
in case you couldn;t tell from the title, this is the romance novel i read for class. and first, let me commend david nahm on his recommendation of pta thriftshop as a romance-buying locale--their selection of books was pretty remarkable, and i only paid 50 cents for this one (a quarter more than the herman wouk book i picked up!). also, props to jodi, who is letting me use her computer to blog this from skylight, since i did not bring mine with me.

and onto the plot! it is a historical romance, taking place in turkey in 1564, and revolves around a prince who takes to piracy after his evil brother kills all their other brothers to maintain hold on the empire. as revenge, prince dariq hijacks (or whatever pirates call it) a ship carrying "a great treasure" destined for his brother--an virginal englishwoman with lush pink lips, destined to be his brother's concubine! gasp! dariq decides to trade the enticing englishwoman for his mother, still trapped in his evil brother's castle, but finds himself unable to resist her womanly charms. the typical plot twists ensue, along with an extremely large number of sex scenes (kate a. once told me that one of her college classes read romance novels and one thing they all had in common was no sex before page 100--that held true here, although there was a LOT of sex after page 100). i spent most of this book snickering and sharing the especially lusty passages with my homework-doing cohorts, so i guess you could say i enjoyed it. :)

for those interested in other exotic and racy romance novels, this author apparently has one about gypsies due out in may.


dc nahm said...
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dc nahm said...

It should be noted that being captured by Turkish pirates is usually not very fun.


wordnerdy said...

well, you're not a young virgin girl w/ hair like spun gold and lush pink lips meant for kissing and other erotic purposes. probably people like that get a free ride (so to speak) from any kind of pirate. well, as long as he's a prince with a heart of gold and all.