Wednesday, February 23, 2005

2005 book 18

sarah vowell's take the cannoli
well, yay to the unc library for having this book that i've been wanting to read. though actually, i didn't like it quite as much as partly cloudy patriot. for one thing, there was wayyy too much frank sinatra in this book. but it did have some high point for me--i really liked the first couple of essays, about her dad and her experiences in band, and the one about the chelsea, as well as the last couple of essays, especially the one about learning to be goth. that was pretty hilarious. the one about making mix tapes rang pretty true--and of course i loved when she said her boyfriend would call her "the second he'd finished reading a novel and just had to tell me about it, and i know it sounds hokey and librarian-ish to say so, but i just swooned when he did that." hee. well anyway, she also has some essays in here about american history and traveling and whatnot--the one on the trail of tears starts off strong and veers a little too much into self-indulgence for my tastes, but really, the goth story made up for everything.


Anonymous said...

I liked the book, but being a radio nerd I much prefer hearing her (and Sedaris, Rakoff, Codrescu, et al) instead of reading them. It's just not the same.

wordnerdy said...

actually, my friend christina and i were saying the same thing earlier this evening, but especially re: sedaris. once you've seen him live or heard him on the radio, just reading his words really isn't as effective.

sarah vowell was pretty awesome as a voice actor in the incredibles, too. i hope that comes out on dvd soon.

minty said...

When I read David Sedaris essays, I have to read them at his speaking speed and pretend that he's reading to me. I think I will have to do the same thing with Sarah Vowell.

It's harder with Codrescu, because it's difficult to do that accent in my head.

pinky pinkerson said...

someone who I just happen to live with, does the codrescu voice pretty effectively. he's a mynah bird.

wordnerdy said...

damn, that's awesome! does he take requests? :)

pinky pinkerson said...

you'll have to ask next time you see him :-)