Thursday, March 31, 2005

chapel hill comics

here's an awesome article on the new chapel hill comics store from tuesday's paper. the author was obviously sympathetic--it's one of the better articles i've read about comics in any paper--none of that stupid "grownups read comics! and girls read comics!" crap. plus, there's a nice bit on local middle schools getting comics for their students, and the teacher talks about how awesome andrew is about recommending stuff. it's true, too. whenever i go in there i ask him or matt "hey, what else is new that i might like?" after they give me the stuff i have on hold. i actually was talking to andrew about reader's advisory when i stopped in on tuesday, b/c our popular materials class will eventually be reading graphic novels.

anyway, i'll stop rambling--go read the article though, it's great.


alex said...

Yeah, they're great. Wouldn't leave me alone about Runaways when they found out I was a Vaughn fan. Turned out to be a fun read.

I wrote some about the history of the store earlier this month. Glad it's working out for them.


alex said...
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