Wednesday, March 09, 2005

neko case

according to chapter 13 of this book, "deep red bells" was inspired by the green river killer.

besides the (SO COOL!!) chapter on neko, the book also features information on gram parsons, joe ely, kris kristofferson, steve earle, lucinda williams, and tons more (chapter 8 is called "More Red": Revved-Up Jug Band Music and Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful--which really just makes me think of Emmett Otter's Jug-Band Christmas, the only holiday special i actually really like. my dad loves it too, b/c emmett otter is awesome, as is jug-band music).


pinky pinkerson said...

how funny that we have so many of the same cultural references, when you are definitely younger-sister-aged, to me :-)

(I loved Emmett Otter, and saw it many times)

wordnerdy said...

maybe my dad was just immature? :) i definitely saw it b/c he loved it--not the other way around.

we were huge muppets fans in my hosuehold though, so it's no surprise that we found and loved emmett otter.

hey--aren't you jewish too?! why were you watching heartwarming anthropomortphized musical animals trying to buy each other christmas presents?

pinky pinkerson said...

hee hee - yes, I am. And I was watching because those otter muppets were so realistic and yet so much cuter than the real thing. I heart muppets. And I'll tell you a secret - my greatest wish of all time is to visit the set of Sesame Street and interact with muppets. I think that would be the most fun, ever.

wordnerdy said...

i think that's most people's greatest wish! or it should be. i got that big jim henson bio that came out a few (like, seven? eight?) years ago, and i remember reading that when kids would visit the set, even when they could see henson holding and working the kermit muppet, they would still talk jsut to kermit.

Anonymous said...

My brother bought the Emmett Otter xmas special on tape because it was always a hit at our house too. Last time we were all back at my parents' for the holidays we watched it. I still enjoyed it, but now that I'm older I'm not so fond of hearing the puppets sing same song every 5 minutes. The Dark Crystal still has no flaws, though. (MIke)

wordnerdy said...

we have it on tape too! we got it for my dad one year and he seemed pleased. the cute little fuzzy otters make up for the crazy music--now, why didn't they ever make toy emmett otters? i'd have bought, like, seven of them.

dark crystal was my favorite lost movie when i was a kid--it took me years to remember the name and i immediately bought it on tape so i wouldn't forget again. ah, jen and kira, those wacky kids.