Sunday, August 03, 2008

2008 book 117

Stephenie Meyers' Breaking Dawn
I went into this prepared to think it would be cheesy and satisfying. The first part was all Bella and Edward, and they're both a little annoying, so I was like, meh. And the second part was the werewolves, which I liked quite a bit--their group dynamics are fascinating. And then there was the third part--and I was so ready to write a scathing review of how ridiculous so many things were (one minor thing made me crazy! I'll hint at it in the comments)--except that I did, actually, find the end satisfying. And cheesy. B/B-.

PS to Christina--be sure to read the acknowledgements!



wordnerdy said...

OK, what drove me crazy was the name of a certain new character. Christina always points out that the target audience here is teen girls, and the Bella-Edwad relationship is the sort teen girls imagine, etc. Well, it's the sort of insane name teen girls probably love and it made me nuts! So LAME!

Sociologian said...

I need a rating!!

wordnerdy said...

UGH, I don't know. B/B-?

Specific gripes and spoilers in the next comment! DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED!

wordnerdy said...

OK, so here were a few of my beefs with this book--though I did come around in the end somewhat, these things are still annoying:

--the whole Jacob imprinting thing. The werewolves came to be to fight the vampires, so it's ridiculous that he would imprint on a human/vampire hybrid. Also, it seemed to be that part of imprinting was to pass the genetic imperative/wolf trait along--I doubt that a wolf and a half-vampire can have a kid.

--The whole early Bella/Edward marriage, where she is literally begging for sex and he won't oblige b/c he Knows What's Best For Her. He doesn't treat her as an equal, but as an object.

--After all the warnings about newborn vampires in the last book, for Bella to be able to exercise supernatural self-control is kind of a cop-out. Of course she wouldn't be attracted to her own child in a carnivorous way, but still. Why is she the magic vampire that is able to fight the urge to eat humans so easily?

--On the other hand, it's nice that she gets to save the day for a change. And at least the shield thing was obvious.

wordnerdy said...
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wordnerdy said...

JUST remembered that my comments are posted in the sidebar! Oops!! Sorry to anyone who saw the beginning of the comment and were a little spoiled. Anyway, here it is now that there's some filler in front:
Oh, and I should say the pregnancy thing, though lame, didn't bother me, b/c it really was the only way Meyer could make Bella have it all, or whatever--the vampire stuff and the baby (I was so sure she'd end up human to have a baby, after all).