Sunday, August 31, 2008

the middleman

OK, so the season finale (and I'm hoping not the series finale) of The Middleman airs tomorrow (Monday, Labor Day) on ABC Family at 10. And I'm encouraging you all to watch it--I always mean to mention it more, but I haven't talked about it at all since it first aired, mainly b/c I'm lazy and forgetful. But--it really is a GREAT show and I think anyone I'm friends with would love it! As I said last time I talked about it, it's like a cross between Buffy and Get Smart, with hilarious pop culture references and really great characters. It makes me crazy that it doesn't get more media attention or promotion (I'm watching Sound of Music on ABS Fam right now, and every commercial break has featured an ad for their really terrible show about the pregnant teen--no really, I watched it twice, and it's terrible--and not ONE for the Middleman! And I think there would be some audience overlap b/w ppl like me who enjoy watching a family of singers trick and flee from the Nazis and those like me who enjoy watching snarky characters save the world from other various forms of evil). The point is, the show is really good, so please watch it while you can, or watch it on the show's website, or download it from itunes, b/c it really needs some love to get a renewal and I really want it to get renewed.

Thank you for your time.

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Caseus Velox said...

Being a friend of Alicia, I have to say that she is completely correct in her estimation of those who are her friends would love the show. And in her estimation of those who would love watching a family sing and trick Nazis would love the show. It is the best scripted show of this summer. Full of snarky asides, extremely clever references, and enjoyable characters. Plus, it needs all the viewers it can get.