Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 book 128

Danit Brown's Ask for a Convertible
A series of interconnected stories centering on an Israeli girl who moves with her family to Michigan, this book is surprisingly powerful and even funny. It deals with ome of the usual themes of stories dealing with immigration to America, but protagonist Osnat continually feels in search of a home. Interestingly, the two stories told in first person aren't Osnat's--one narrator is an Israeli man in Michigan, and the other is Osnat's mother. It's great how all of these characters and their stories are intertwined--A. On an unrelated note, the book has blurbs from Julianna Baggott (who I generally love) and Hannah Tinti (whose new novel I am dying to read, but the public library hasn't ordered it!! WTF! It got a huge review in Entertainment Wekly).

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