Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 book 13

Chris Roberson's Book of Secrets
This book really has a lot going for it--great noir narration, stories within stories, masked vigilantes, etc etc. It's the story of a reporter working on a piece about a rich old mysterious business tycoon and trying to track down an even more mysterious book that was stolen from the tycoon's mansion. Meanwhile, he's inherited some mysterious boxes from his estranged grandfather, including a collection of stories about masked men fighting for justice (which, by the way, are very well-done). Adventures ensue, and though things go in a totally crazy and unexpected direction toward the end, it's a satisfying read.

Note for comics fans: Roberson was apparently in a writing group w/ Bill Willingham (of the amazing series Fables and other things) and they're friends or whatever.

(A free e-copy was provided by the publisher.)

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