Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 book 25

Amy Greene's Bloodroot
i've read some awful reviews of this and some great ones (EW looooooved it), and I find it interesting how polarizing it is. I mean, I'm gonna give it a B+--it's a good read, but nothing exceptional, and certainly not exceptionally bad. Anyway, it mostly focuses on a girl growing up in the mountains. The first section is told through the POVs of her grandmother and of the boy next door, and the second is narrated by her children, and I enjoyed all of that quite a bit. The next part is her telling her own story, which is slightly boring after hearing it from everyone else (though does fill in some holes) and which is much grimmer than the earlier sections (which certainly aren't all sunshine and kittens). The last section is a fitting end and made me like things again. I predict this will be a sleeper hit and will be popular with book clubs (and also think my mom would probably like it).

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