Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 book 3

Ellen Raskin's The Westing Game
This book never disappoints. What a fun mystery and what great characters! The edition I have is a new one w/ an introduction by the editor saying that Raskin made it up as she went along--which is crazy, considering how many puzzle pieces she fits together. Anyway, this counts as one of my Shelf Discovery books (which I'd almost forgotten I was doing, and I need to find a few more books for).

Back to the Degrassi marathon!


christinamerge said...

The first time I read this book - my friend Catherine and I made little notes in the margin so we could remember all of the details and try to solve the mystery! ha!

wordnerdy said...

That is AWESOME. We read it in school and had to make our own book covers as an assignment--I'm still angry at all the girls who drew like compasses and stuff, totally giving away the ending!